The new Poltrona Frau© Store in Florence


Studio d’Interni Florence is an Official Partner Poltrona Frau©

The Company

The more it is lived, the more beautiful it is.

It applies to the leather of our sofas and above all to our history, rich in experiences, encounters, skills and visions that have made it unique in the most varied Italian industrial and creative heritage.

The Knowledge of our roots, combined with a great ability to interpret the outside world, is what made Poltrona Frau a unique brand, capable of giving a lasting and significant sign to the culture of furniture.

Being Italian

Born in Italy, grown all over the world.

The authentic Made in Italy comes from the typical regions, small districts, each with its own high specialized level of artisanal production.

In the Marche region, it is about leather.

A traditional activity that is transmitted from father to son.
Only here you can find that good eye, that experience, that technical skill that allows to select the best leathers and work them with inimitable mastery.

Studio d’Interni Florence

Not just a showroom.

Studio D’Interni Florence was born from the idea of connecting the totalizing experience of the product in a single space, as it aims to be a laboratory of ideas and design.

The concept of the space in Via Della Fornace 1 is the encounter between various figures, from the architect to the customer, from the interior designer to the technical staff.

We share the philosophy of living, we prefer the consistency to the appearance, the intelligence of the hands to the serial production.

We seek balance between form and function, essential for a quality project, which together with the product can reflect on ones’ quality of life.

The Leathership

A neologism and a registered trademark, coined by Poltrona Frau to define its experience in the culture of leather.

A natural, ductile, elegant material, symbol of the company, which for over a hundred years Poltrona frau has known how to work it at best to enhance its beauty.

Studio d’Interni Florence

Via della Fornace 1

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Studio d’ Interni
Castiglion Fibocchi-Arezzo

Via G.Fracassi 1

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Poltrona Frau's Birth
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Studio di Interni's Team

Our concept store in Via Della Fornace 1

Poltrona Frau by Studio D’Interni


An environment cared for in every detail; the space in Via Della Fornace 1 is the place where we share our philosophy of living with you.

il nostro concept store in Via della Fornace 1

Poltrona Frau by Studio D’Interni Florence

A laboratory of ideas for the design of your spaces, a place where you can gain experience and come into direct contact with Poltorna Frau products: from the designer’s idea to the choice of material to the realization of the craftsman.

Poltrona Frau: The Values

The timeless elegant design.

The most exclusive luxury, as we know, is time. And we take it all, we are used to do things carefully, calmly, in our own way. It takes 23 hours to a Chester sofa, and 275 leather covered tacks, to beat one by one on the back of a Vanity Fair.

Studio di Interni Florence



Studio D’Interni, from the historic headquarters in Castiglion Fibocchi (AR) with over 40 years of experience in the sector, has linked its name to the most prestigious Italian and international brands, becoming a reference point in the world of design.

Thanks to this experience, the passion for our work and the love for details that today Studio D’Interni is also Poltrona Frau in Florence.

Convinced that your satisfaction is our best advertisement, we offer a complete service and assistance at every stage: from design, to sales, to assembly.

Studio Interni + Poltrona Frau

Experience and Trustworthiness
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VIa della Fornace, 1
Florence (FI)

Come and discover Poltrona Frau in our showroom.

A selected display of Poltrona Frau© products in our Showroom in Via Della Fornace, 1 in Florence.